Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D E-Machine GTW Power Supply 300w Part 100929
Model: ATX-30012E

Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D E-Machine GTW Power Supply 300w Part 100929
Bestec ATX-300-12E-D 300 Watt Power Supply for eMachines / GTW P/N: 100929

This ATX12V power supply is a 300W, PS2 Form Factor, five output unit with remote on/off, UL, CSA, CE, TUV approvals. Original Part number ATX-300-12ED (100929) used in many Pavilion computers. Airflow drawn out of case into surroundings by 80mm internal fan. Built-in power status LED above AC inlet. Emachines A26EV17F, C1641, C1844, C1904, C2160, C2280, C2480, C2684, C2685, C2825, D2046, D2244, D2246, D2266, D2346, D2386, D2586, D2685, H2341, H2482, H2542, H2602, H2615, H2642, H2742, H2825, H2865, S1642, S1862, S1940, S2482, S2485, T1140, T1150, T1220, T1221, T1300, T1360, T1440, T1600, T1740, T1742, T1782, T1840, T1842, T1860, T1862, T1980, T2040, T2042, T2080, T2082, T2085, T2200, T2200SE, T2240, T2245, T2260, T2341, T2385, T2460, T2482, T2484, T2542, T2596, T2605, T2615, T2625, T2642, T2672, T2682, T2692, T2698, T2778, T2792, T2796, T2798, T2824, T2825, T2842, T2865, T2875, T2882, T2885, T2895, T4060, T4080, T4170, T4480, T4510, T4511, T4697, W1500, W1640, W1700, W1800, W2040, W2047, W2060, W2060, W2247, W2260, W2646, W2686, W2785, W2888, W4065, W4682, Gateway 650609R, 650646R, 650648R, 6506071R, & more.

Model # : ATX-300-12E/Vev.D